Welcome to InsideOut Pilates! I’m Sarah Baker and I teach both the Pilates equipment sessions and the mat classes at the studio. I have been instructing Pilates for 10 years now and since 2018 I have been doing so at the InsideOut Pilates studio.
It has been my vision to create a studio space that allows people to embrace its calm atmosphere so they are able to find a better connection with their body and to be able to free the mind from their everyday life.

It’s amazing to see the transformation within each individual that comes into the studio. For some it can be a mental change as well as a physical one. These differences can often happen quickly whilst others are slower and entail a more nurturing process depending on the origin of the issues and the depth of them too. Everyone is different and this is what makes my teaching so fulfilling and that makes me grateful in being able to assist them on their journey into Pilates.

Before I discovered Pilates, I will be honest my posture was a mess. I discovered from attending Pilates equipment sessions that I have scoliosis of the spine (being that my spine is twisted into an S shape). Having the scoliosis coupled with over training I had severe back pain and problems in my hips. I was astounded by the discoveries I made and felt empowered by taking control of them. As I continued to attend and continued to improve, I noticed it lightened my mind, gave me confidence physically and mentally and genuinely made me feel really positive and “at one” with myself. From then on I was hooked. It wasn’t long before I quit my well-paid hospital job to train in and teach Pilates.
If you decide to give it a go I hope you love it as much as I do.

If you would like advice or have any queries about the studio, questions about my teaching or if you have any personal issues you would like to discuss then please do contact me. I’m very happy to help from my Pilates point of view.

Sarah xx

Our Classes

We offer equipment-based Pilates sessions, Pilates mat classes and online classes.
For me it is important that people feel comfortable in a group atmosphere, therefore all numbers are limited (max 8 in each mat class and max 2 in each equipment-based session). This also ensures that functional issues and aches or pains can be addressed, improved upon easily and with confidence by the participant.

For more general information on getting started and pilates as a lifestyle, please visit our blog.