Well-Fest 2018

Thank you to everyone that helped InsideOut Pilates at the Well-Fest this year, it exceeded all my expectations! I would also like to thank all the new faces that have shown their enthusiasm and willingness to discover something new by reaching out to me throughout the day and also in taking the time to sign up to receive this news letter/blog from the InsideOut Studio.

First things first – the raffle!

So many of you entered the raffle on Saturday and I am now pleased to share with you the winners:

  1. Lucy or Owen West winner of a Pilates equipment session
  2. Marianne Heathcote Woodbridge winner of a Pilates mat class
  3. Natalie Uhe winner of Sundown Sleep aid & relaxation class

Well done to each of you! I shall be contacting each winner separately via email with further information on booking etc.

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Mat versus equipment

Most people are unaware that Pilates has two different sides, the equipment sessions and the mat classes. This then often leaves the new comer asking which is better? which should I choose? which will suit me more? Comparing is tricky as they both feel quite different when you’re in the midst of a Pilates work out. But to pull these two” same but different” work outs apart in more detail may help you, the decider to have a better view and a means for making a more informed decision. So here goes!

Mat classes

These vary a great deal depending on your teacher and their training. So you may feel that the experience you receive from one mat class is nothing like that of another class you try with a different instructor. So it is worth testing out a few different Pilates classes to see which is better suited to you.

Mat classes are group sessions. In my opinion smaller groups are better classes then larger ones as this enables the teacher to give the appropriate attention to participants individually when it is necessary. The teacher can also build better relationships with each client.

The classes consist of a repertoire of exercises performed on a mat. The exercises vary in position and each have a different target or purpose. The exercises are designed to either stretch, strengthen or stabilise various parts of the body in helping overall posture and mobility.

Mat classes are more general due to the group arrangement, so mostly everyone performs the same exercise unless there is a special requirement. Mat classes are cheaper, again due to them being group sessions and the instructor teachers to a more general level.

Equipment sessions

Like-wise to the mat classes the equipment sessions work to stretch, strengthen and stabilise the body. In doing so with the equipment the exercises isolate muscle groups more effectively providing the client with feedback from the resistance of the springs used.

 Spring resistance introduces a stronger work out but also one that is more controlled and supported allowing the participant to work more in depth with their physique. As a result, people reach their physical intentions quicker using the Pilates equipment.

Just about anybody can do equipment Pilates as the sessions are generally one2one or semi- private. This means the instructor assess the participants posture and takes into consideration aches, pains, injury, any personnel goals etc. and works these considerations into their sessions thus creating a Pilates session completely beneficial to the individual’s body.

People seeking this style of Pilates range from those recovering from spinal operations or injuries, to pregnancy, to those who are training their body for sports. During a session the participant moves around using different pieces of equipment in order to challenge the body and posture in many ways.  This builds towards re balancing and reconnecting muscles that have lost their ability to work efficiently with improved movement and range.